I attended the TERENA Networking Conference 2007 held in Lyngy, Denmark (a town just outside Copenhagen). I mostly focused on Security and Single Sign On presentations. Overall, i wasn’t impressed by the presentations quality and could only find a few that were really interesting and could keep the audience .. awake.

It seems that RedIRIS is doing a lot of work in the SSO field, let’s see what the end result will be.

I liked the siLEDAP paper, describing an AJAX based LDAP browser along with a set of Web Services (using REST) to perform read and write LDAP operations. It seems that the author is quite content with the product as it is and would not want to move it forward (I was curious if it could get integrated with LUMS). Also, when asked about why they didn’t use DSML as a transport for the LDAP entries data his answer was… ‘I don’t know’ 🙂

A couple of other presentations that caught my eye were ‘Internet Voting – a Menace to Society?’ describing a real life internet voting system and ‘Current Network Security threats: DoS, Internet Worms, and Botnets’ which posted results on monitoring of a large unused network for malicious internet traffic.