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More of a quick not to self: I had someone in a project meeting (actually a Java Evangelist) try to make a point against using PHP for web services and using Java instead. Most of the arguments were targeted towards PHP not being scalable.

As far as Web Services PHP frameworks are conserned there’s always nuSoap and i ‘ve already made a note about WSO2. About PHP performance and scalability here’s a few arguments:

  • You ‘ll find it easier to develop in PHP than in Java and there are a lot more PHP developers out there than Java folks.
  • PHP with a properly tuned threaded Apache, running under an accelerator (to minimize page compile time) and using some kind of memory caching mechanism (like memcached or mcache to minimize database queries and session handling overhead) can be quite fast and vertically/horizontally scalable.
  • Lastly, Web Services are not a perfect example to point out scalability issues. They are are usually called a fraction of the percent that a web page is called and they are self-contained. They don’t need to keep session information and variables floating around, object memory is allocated on web service execution and is destroyed when execution ends, meaning that there’s no potential garbage collection overhead.

A more thorough examination of the issue can be found here and here.


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